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Hi! I'm Cody and the owner of Bayou Rouge Photography. I'm happily married to my wife Katie, my better half. I also can't forget to mention my little one's Liam & Lucas which I love dearly. I started out having passion for photography more than 10 years ago and have loved the ride ever since. I absolutely love capturing emotion and beauty through people's personalities and emotions. I will always strive to deliver the best product and meet your needs however I can!

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Assistant Photographer

Hi there! I'm Amée, and I've always enjoyed experimenting behind the camera. When I joined Bayou Rouge Photography, I was able to explore my creativity and develop my skills. My favorite part is being able to meet new people and hear their stories. In addition, I love being able to capture their special moments and freeze them in time. It's truly a passion of mine and I hope to be able to continue capturing beautiful images our clients will cherish for a lifetime.



Hello! I'm Katie and also an owner of Bayou Rouge Photography with my husband, Cody. I also have had a passion, but for videography instead of photography. I picture may tell a thousand words, but a video of your special day can speak for a lifetime. Other than videography, I love spending time with our two kids Liam & Lucas as well as any craft I can get my hands on whether it be embroidery or crocheting! It is my mission to help you remember your special days through video memories.

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